This is to all you plus size beauty queens: It is time to start reclaiming our sexy summer bodies, hot bathing suits, & start occupying those pools and large bodies of water!!

When I was a child I loved spending hours swimming in the summer!! In fact, some of my best childhood memories were inside or nearby water with my family. I always felt like I was a little mermaid & if I stayed in the water long enough I would become one. But when I became a teen, my self-image was so low that I was terrified of putting a swim suit on in public and water become sites of terror and trauma. Through out most of my teens, I denied myself the one thing I had always enjoyed!

My 20s & 30s have been a period of healing, rediscovery, regaining, self-acceptance, & self love!! I swim again every chance I get & most of the time I’m proud of how I look in my swim suit. It’s amazing how much confidence I felt in this bright colored suit with a peephole by MonifC!!! I am proud that I happily showed off my goodies & enjoyed myself at the ACE hotel and swim club during our getaway with friends in Palm Springs. My big girls code challenge is putting myself out there and showing people from different walks of life that beauty comes in all shapes & sizes & we should be open to expanding our notions of beauty.

Let me assure you that I was the only plus size woman I saw at the pool & although at first I felt a little timid, once I took off my sarong & got passed the initial moment of vulnerability, I gained strength & confidence. Once I felt comfortable, I was hamming it up & excited to pose & take these photos for the blog with my hubby. Cheers to having fun in the sun & occupying pools this summer!!


The Big Mermaid